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Heat Insulation Material

Offer a wide range of Bubble Heat Insulation Material

Polarvista manufacture various types of insulation items such as Double Bubble Insulation Material, Single Bubble Insulation Material, FR Bubble Insulation Material, Bubble Insulation, Insulation Air Bubble Film, Reflective Air Bubble Film and many more items.

There is no surprise at all that buildings and industrial sheds with walls and roofs insulated with heat insulation material consume significantly less electricity for heating and also requires less cooling in hot atmosphere outside.

Better insulated buildings with heat insulation material consume noticeably low heat by preventing the unwanted heat gain or loss from the walls of the house and roofs. Such type of insulation helps not only to reduce energy consumption and energy bills but it also helps to make significant input for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Heat insulation material in colder atmosphere helps to keep house warmer in snow condition and cooler in extreme hot conditions. Often the insulation material used for insulating house or industrial premises paid in return in the form of lower energy bills in few months or within a year. On an account the average decrease in energy consumption and payback of insulate counts in form of 1 to 12 months.

  • Light in weight, easy to clean, bendable and cushioning.
  • Heat insulation materials are waterproof, moisture proof, anti static, foldable with good tearing properties, easy to pull and leak-proof.
  • Environment friendly and does not release any kind of gas in atmosphere.
  • Versatile in use and comes with higher durability.
  • Comes with zero maintenance cost.

Such type of materials are cost effective solution for wide range of household applications like insulating walls, roofs, laminating floors, sealing, attics and radiant floors. It is equally useful for industrial premises, cold storage, manufacturing plants, packaging units, mobile vans, mobile cold storage, agricultural units and many other sheds.