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Flooring Solution For your place

Construct Your Floor with Quality Best Materials

The floor is literally the basis of the production process and therefore plays a major role in the maintenance of buildings, working conditions and hygiene. Production techniques are constantly becoming more advanced, and floor treatments increasingly have to meet very specific requirements. Combining years of experience of flooring system throughout the world with the market leading products. Polarvista offers innovative, durable surface solutions from design to installation.

We cover all aspects of your project, from advanced floor preparation, concrete repairs and installation of high quality systems – which will solve your industrial flooring needs.

Each floor is designed to meet the precise requirements of the particular application and we feel that with the highest quality materials this has been the best of our flooring system.

Services - what we do

We offer the following commercial and industrial flooring services:

  • Floor Hardening
  • Concrete Polishing
  • Epoxy Floor Systems
  • Concrete Restoration