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Heavy Racking System

One-stop Warehousing Solution

We are not only provide users with the best quality warehousing facilities but also committed to provide solution for customer inventory problems. WE ARE EXPERT IN WAREHOUSE MATERIAL HANDLING RACKING AND SHELVING SYSTEMS FOR ALL INDUSTRIES.We can do cutomized design, installaiton, according to warehouse space, product specifications, load-bearing requirements, handling equipment etc. We trying our best to provide customers warehousing products and technical support from design, installation to consultion

  • A comprehensive range of frames and beams accommodates a wide range of loading requirements and is complimented by a choice of shelving materials such as metal panels which can be specified to meet specific needs
  • It provides the best preconditions, flexible in operation, easily adjustable and easily configurable, performs in the tool room, maintenance areas and inventory store
  • It is also used for hand-loaded application & forklift
  • Designed for single, multi-tiers or high rise applications
  • Saving of space
  • First-in last-out, making this system suitable for the storage of a less varied and mass-produced goods.