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Industry Safe Scaffolding

Learn about the different types of Scaffolding Systems


Scaffolding refers to the structures erected around a building under construction or under repair and maintenance. These structures are basically groupings of metal pipes connected up in order to give the construction team or DIY enthusiast access to different parts of the building at great heights.

There are two main scaffold systems in use in the construction industry; the Kwikstage system and the Cuplock system which is sometimes referred to as Scaflok. These two systems can be utilised in just about any type of construction and are the safest methods available.

Cuplock Scaffolding

Developed from finest grade durable welded pipe with galvanized finishing, this Cuplock Scaffolding has a significant role in enhancing load enduring capacity of scaffolding frame. It consists of necessary components like swivel nut, inner tube, head jack and bottom plate. The inner tube and outer tube of this product can be adjusted as per the height of concrete structure.

The Cuplok scaffolding system is multi-purpose and can be used in different construction procedures including but not limited to building and construction, industrial maintenance, offshore construction and shipbuilding.

Features :
  • Suitable for all sorts of construction projects, this cuplock system can be obtained in various specifications.
  • The secure joint part of its bottom cup and top cup helps to reduce collapsing of scaffolding frame.
  • Long functional life
  • Low maintenance cost
Wedge Lock Scaffolding

The Wedge Lock Scaffolding has high adaptability and quick erection processes making it the perfect workmate for modern construction. Kwikstage provides the construction world with an efficient alternative that is relatively cheap.

Required for construction of complex building structures, this Wedge Lock Scaffolding system has been developed by using automatic welding technology. Made of carbon steel or stainless steel with hot dip galvanized finishing, this wedge lock system is convenient to fix and erect by using wedge fitting and spigot. Customers can obtain items like Stirrup Head and Shuttering Plate under this category. Stable stricture,rust protected surface finishing rigid construction, necessary load withstanding ability and accurate dimension are some of its unique features.

Features :
  • This type of scaffolding system provides suitable vertical alignment
  • The product is made of good quality stainless steel or carbon steel
  • Superior coating
  • Long functional life